Mercadona and Consum supply chains build in Barcelona their new logistics centres to supply their supermarkets

Mercadona invests 300 million euros in a new logistics centre of 100,000 square metres in Abrera (Barcelona), and Consum allocates 50 million euros to its new platform in the Barcelona Free Zone.

On the one hand, the  Mercadona supply chain has invested 300 million euros in its logistics centre located in the town of Abrera (Barcelona). The facilities, covering a surface area of ​​110,000 square metres, have a cold unit and an attached unit for the production of fresh fish of 39,000 square metres; a space for dry product; and offices and day care for employees’ children; in addition to its own system of recycling and packaging, among others. This logistics centre is ready to supply 250 supermarkets in Catalonia, Aragon and La Rioja and has the capacity to store 75,000 pallets. The logistics centre is an intelligent warehouse, equipped with cutting edge technology that completely eliminates any handling by workers, increasing its productivity.

Moreover, the distribution cooperative Consum has built its new logistics platform in the Barcelona Free Zone, a ​​project representing an investment of 50 million euros. The facility includes the General Merchandise Platform (dry food and non-food) and fruit and fish stations, and from here supplies the approximately 150 supermarkets Consum has in Catalonia. The Consum platform is located on a plot of 92,000 m2, 23,400 of which are allocated to the area of ​​Food, Non-Food (which includes household cleaning goods, perfumery, and bazaar), and Reverse Logistics. The industrial unit has a High Turnover Automated Mechanism capable of handling 10,000 pallets a day and a Low Turnover one ​​for unitary products, with over 3,000 references. The Logistics Warehouse, 13,600 square metres, hosts the Fruit and Fish stations and will be fully operational this year. With the new platform in the Free Zone, as the Fruit, Fish and Dry Product stations are integrated in the same facility, Consum can shorten delivery times to stores and improve the variety and rotation of products in the supermarket, which will benefit consumers. Consum is the largest cooperative in the Mediterranean area and has 610 supermarkets distributed throughout Catalonia, Valencia, Murcia, Castile-La Mancha, Andalusia and Aragon.

Source: BCL

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