DataLong launches DL16, a mini fleet and shipment geolocation device

The company DataLong has launched the mini version of the DL16, a multi-sensory device connected to the Internet via mobile phone technology, which allows position tracking of fleets and vehicles, temperature controlled shipments,and e-commerce parcel deliveries, among others.

DataLong has put the DL16– a multi-sensory device, connected to the Internet via mobile phone technology, which is programmable and has a maximum duration of one year– on the market.

The DL 16 enables – through embedded location sensors– the geolocation and tracking of light vehicles, temperature controlled shipments, e-commerce parcel deliveries, and fleets of vehicle, among others.

The device also enables local and cloud storage of the data logged in each of the sensors. Users access the information through a web internet connection and can visualise the location on a map (like Google Maps) as well as the various values ​​collected by the sensors and transmitted by GSM / GPRS (mobile phone).

The DL16 has a wide range of commercial applications and potential markets because it is a B2C oriented (Business to Customer) model, but it can be used in many professional environments.

Because of its small size, it can be inserted into packets, cases, light vehicles (bicycles, motorcycles or delivery vehicles). It also has autonomy of one year (thanks to its non-rechargeable battery) and it is possible to programme alarms and to receive notifications and alerts directly to mobile with push technology thanks to its app.

As explained by Martin Longobuco, CEO of Datalong16, and Griselda Miralles, Manager, the DL 16 can control the temperature (from -50 to +125 degrees); it has a moisture and shock sensor for recording incidents; and is connected to the Internet, so it can be linked with Smart Cities. Furthermore, it can be homologated and certified for professional use in concordance with European and American standards; it can be connected via Bluetooth to any mobile that has the DataLong app; it works with GPS, Glonass (Russian) and Beidou (Chinese) and, obviously, by GSM positioning. The device can also connect to other Clouds (Microsoft, Salesforce, SAP, etc.; it is always active since it does not turn of;, its Roaming is between companies and countries within the same continent; and the history can be downloaded in three formats: CSV, Excel and pdf.

Source and photo: BCL

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