275 million euros of investment in innovation in Catalan companies

The Catalan Government will mobilise 275 million euros of investment in innovation by Catalan companies between 2015 and 2020. This action is part of the new innovation policy of the Generalitat de Catalunya which will result in the creation of wealth for the country.

The Generalitat de Catalunya, through ACCIÓ, will allocate more than 103 million euros from the “Fondos Feder” between 2015 and 2020 to support innovation projects of Catalan companies. With these funds, 275 million euros will be mobilised by Catalan companies in investment projects to develop high-impact innovation, create new products and services and carry out experimental testing and validation of new prototypes, among others.

The CEO of ACCIÓ, Núria Betriu, presented the instruments through which these funds will be channelled: the RIS3CAT Communities, the Nuclei of Industrial Innovation and Development programme, and Innovation Vouchers. Apart from mobilising 275 million euros in investment in innovation by Catalan companies, these programmes will involve 13,000 people and 4,500 companies and agents of the Catalan innovation system.

This funding is part of the new policy of innovation fostered by the Catalan Government, which aims for there to be more innovative businesses, more innovation within enterprises, more technology on the market, and more international  innovation in Catalonia, encouraging cooperation between companies and systematisation of innovation. Fruit of the Smart Specialisation Strategy RIS3CAT and in accordance with the Industrial Strategy of Catalonia, the aim is to enable Catalan businesses, through innovation, to be more competitive, create skilled jobs and provide more added value, which will result in creating wealth for the country.

Source and photo: BCL

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