Wtransnet and VIIA launch a multimodal freight exchange

VIIA and Wtransnet have launched the first Multimodal Freight Exchange called VIIA+powered by Wtransnet, which facilitates the use and recruitment of combined transport services.

Wtransnet, a company dedicated to the development and management of technology platforms for hiring transport and logistics services, and VIIA, a subsidiary of SNCF Group Logistics which operates and markets the railway highways, have launched the first multimodal freight exchange for hiring combined transportoperations.

Currently, Wtransnet is present in 23 countries in Europe and Latin America through more than 10,000 partner companies.

And VIIA operates two rail highways: AFA, which links Aiton terminal in France, with Orbassano, Italy, and Lorry-Rail, which links Bettenbourg in Luxembourg and Le Boulou, on the French-Spanish border.

By the end of 2015, VIIA will open a new line between Calais and Le Boulou called VIIA Britanica. Through its rail services, VIIA wants to offer multimodal transport to more than 500,000 trucks per year by 2020.

Source: BCL
Photo: http://www.wtransnet.com

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