TIACA secretary general’s update

The European Union’s (EU) new Customs Code, which includes provisions for the submission of advance data on all shipments into the EU, is set to be effective in May 2016. There are many technical issues which still need to be resolved, and TIACA is working closely with EU regulators to draft modifications to the Transitional Delegating Acts, to ensure there is no disruption to the air cargo supply chain in the process of implementation. In addition, during the past week TIACA met with ICAO and WCO regulators for further work on the development of global standards to Customs and Aviation Security programs as Advance Data systems become more widely adopted. The first phase of the work is completed, with a key element being the adoption of a standard set of data used for risk analysis: Shipper/Consignor name and address, Consignee name and address, pieces, weight , commodity description plus the airbill number (now referred to as “7+1”). However, more work remains on developing standard messaging protocols, screening procedures and harmonization of risk analysis for shipments transiting multiple regimes, and TIACA will remain closely involved.

Source and photo: TIACA

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