The ICIL Foundation and IFTEM collaborate to assist in disseminating best Supply Chain practices

The Foundation ICIL and IFTEM signed a co-operation agreement to disseminate best Supply Chain practices, through activities designed for businesses, professionals and groups related to the sector.

The Foundation ICIL, specialising in training in logistics, and IFTEM, an organisation dedicated to training staff that use all types of equipment used to move materials and services, have agreed to co-operate in the dissemination of best  Supply Chain Practices. To do this they will carry out activities that are designed for businesses, professionals and groups related to the Supply Chain sector, and also other training activities that will contribute to increase the level of professionalism, safety and quality of professionals in the Supply Chain.

The Foundation ICIL and IFTEM have a long history of joint co-operation which will be enhanced from now on. Among the activities that have been developed jointly, there is a project that was carried out by Diocesan Caritas in Barcelona, ​​where work was conducted to be able to insert people into the logistics labour market, through appropriate training, in turn responding to the needs of companies.

The agreement was signed by César Castillo, director general of the Foundation ICIL and Raúl Ripoll, Manager of IFTEM.

Source and photo: BCL


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