The Barcelona-Catalunya Logistics Centre association elects Sixte Cambra as new president

The President of the Port Authority of Barcelona, ​​Sixte Cambra, was appointed president of the Barcelona-Catalunya Logistics Centre association (BCL) by the general assembly on Tuesday. Following his appointment, Cambra announced the main priorities of BCL for the next two years with the aim of promoting the Catalan logistics sector.

Specifically, he referred to the need to ensure implementation of infrastructures such as the Mediterranean corridor, access to ports, and a railway network ready for 750-metre-long convoys, among others. The president of the Port of Barcelona also insisted on the promotion of quality, efficiency and transparency of the administrative and physical services of the supply chain, enhancing marketing actions, and international dissemination, the incorporation of technologies, greater energy efficiency, and the consolidation of supply chain working hours aiming for 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Among the actions to be developed in the coming years, he also highlighted the updating of the Logistics Agenda 2020, presented by BCL in 2011, in order to adapt to current challenges and needs. In addition, the new presidency will promote the creation of a think tank on long-term trends and developments in logistics, so as to facilitate the modernisation and internationalisation of companies and the positioning of Catalonia as an international logistics benchmark.

In addition, BCL will undertake the project of the Euro-Mediterranean Network of Logistics Platforms, to adopt common strategies within the region and to consolidate it as a logistics space of global reference. The network, which will be based in Barcelona, ​​will also boost efficiency and sustainability policies and facilitate dialogue between logistics communities and the Administration, in order to achieve public policies that will enhance competitiveness and growth of the sector.

The General Assembly also approved the appointment of the new executive committee and three new vice presidents. That is, the special delegate of the State in the Consortium of the Zona Franca de Barcelona, ​​Jordi Cornet; Transprime manager, Jordi Espin; and the representative of the City of Barcelona, ​​ pending confirmation.

Source and photo: El Vigia

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