The automotive industry highlights the capacity of Barcelona airport for special air cargo operations

The BCL airfreight session on the automotive industry and special operations has demonstrated the potential of Barcelona airport to receive charter air freight or passenger aircraft capable of transporting cargo.

Japan and India are the markets with the most potential to open new direct cargo routes from Barcelona.

Today the Air Cargo Commission of Barcelona-Catalunya Centre Logistic (BCL) held a Conference on Special Operations and the Automotive Industry in Air Cargo in Barcelona, ​​organized by BCL. During the conference, which attracted more than 50 companies, representatives of the automotive industry and logistics highlighted the potential of Barcelona airport to carry out freight operations.

Speakers from Dorna (Moto GP), Nissan, Ficosa and Transforwarding explained that Barcelona, ​​in addition to its location close to European and Mediterranean markets, has facilities and human resources able to absorb this type of operation. In this regard, participants in the conference agreed in pointing out that the airport can easily increase traffic during the next few years.

The automotive industry and special operations tend to transport goods by charter aircraft because, in general, they are operations with large, heavy loads that must be moved for short periods of time. Deliveries are occasional but vital, either because of the type of product or due to customer demands. In many cases they are very costly yet essential operations to keep production running (supplies just in time). The great value of the goods transported and the need to meet time and security requirements makes it an ideal means for this type of merchandise.

Introducing the special edition of the air freight observatory

Meanwhile, the GPA presented the Annual Report on Spanish Air Cargo, which highlights the recovery of the Spanish airfreight market with significant growth of 6.9% in 2014 and 3.9% in January through August 2015. These values ​​are much higher than the growth in European air cargo over the last 2 years: 2.0% in 2014 and -0.1% in the first eight months of 2015.

Textiles, machinery, and industrial products, and pharmaceutical and chemical sectors are the main users of air freight in Catalonia. The automotive industry, as part of industrial products, is one of the leading airfreight sectors in Barcelona. Along with pharmacy, these are the sectors with highest added value that are transported at Barcelona airport. This high value makes it an attractive sector and provides dynamism in air freight. The potential of the industries in Catalonia,– diversified and growing in both exports and imports – facilitates the opening of new air routes with a capacity for air freight.

The leading origins and destinations for air cargo in Barcelona are China (above all imports), the US, Japan, and India. Barcelona is in a good position to develop direct routes with a carrying capacity to these destinations and to increase the number of routes and frequencies to the US and China. The report specifies that these should be priorities for the development of air links from Barcelona.

Source and photo: BCL

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