One hundred 777 Freighters

Boeing has now delivered one hundred 777 Freighters.

Just over a week ago, on 15 January, China Southern Airlines took delivery of the ninth of twelve 777Fs (41634) it has on order with Boeing. While the manufacturer does not seem to have made any effort to publicize the event, it was the 100th delivery of a 777 Freighter – certainly a landmark worth noting.

The first 777F was delivered to launch customer Air France in February 2009, and, as shown in the chart at right, Boeing has since delivered 99 more to eleven carriers and five lessors.

While Air France quickly had second thoughts, taking delivery of only two of the five it ordered and selling the other three to FedEx, other carriers have made no secret of their satisfaction with what has become the best selling-freighter over the past five years.

Following the 100th delivery, Boeing has fifty-three more 777Fs in its backlog.

777F orders & deliveries copy


Photo: Dean Morley/ flickr

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