Barcelona to host the European Shortsea Network Annual Conference in 2016

The Port of Barcelona will host the Annual Conference of the European Shortsea Network (ESN) next year, for the first time in Spain. The objective of this event, which will be organised by the Spanish Association for the Promotion of Short Sea Shipping (SPC-Spain) with the support of the Catalan enclave, as well as other partners (Grimaldi, GNV, Flota Suardíaz and Neptune Lines), will offer the opportunity to update and share developments and new trends in short sea shipping (SSS), as well as to contact counterparts and various sector agents. In addition to this, the European School of Short Sea Shipping is celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2016, which will be an additional incentive, as highlighted from SPC-Spain.

The 2015 edition took place in Copenhagen, where the most topical issues were dealt with, such as SSS market outlook, Motorways of the Sea, public-private financing, environmental impact, and safety in transport. Further, the options offered by the new CEF financial instrument for the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T), as well as some of the projects being developed under the TEN-T program, were explained in detail.

Source: el Vigia
Photo: SCP- Spain

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