Barcelona sets up a mobile technology system to manage the areas of Urban Goods Distribution

The application areaDUM is a step forward to using new technologies in the concept of Smart City and will enable Barcelona City Council to have more information regarding the distribution of loading and unloading and also facilitate the use of these places to distribution companies.

Barcelona City Council has deployed throughout the city the new regulation of Urban Goods Distribution areas (DUM), which correspond to loading and unloading areas. AreaDUM covers the whole of Barcelona, ​​with approximately 9,000 places and the aim of updating and improving the management system for loading and unloading areas, promoting their proper use, greater mobility and implementing solutions through mobile technology.  45,000 parking manoeuvres are estimated to take place in these areas every day.

On July 1, areaDUM will be compulsory, parking disks will no longer be valid and it will be necessary to use the application areaDUM or the SMS system to manage parking. Until then, the two systems will coexist. In total 2,500 vertical areaDUM signals will be installed throughout the city.

The areaDUM free app, available for Android and iPhone devices, will enable unnecessary penalties to be avoided owing to its warning system, which can be configured according to the user’s requirements to give notice of the time left before parking ends. The application also locates the vehicle on a map, provides a detailed log of all operations, reports on developments in the area, and maintains a very convenient, fast and direct communication channel open between the user and customer service.

If you do not have a smartphone, an alternative SMS service has been enabled through which you can also manage areaDUM parking.

The new system, whether it is through the app or SMS, will be available to anyone with a mobile or smartphone, which represents 98% of users who daily make use of areaDUM places.

This application is a step forward to furthering the use of new technologies in the Smart City concept. The application will enable Barcelona City Council to have more information regarding the distribution of loading and unloading bays and will also facilitate the use of these places to distribution companies and will adjust the supply to the needs of different groups. It is expected that, in the future, you will also be informed of availability, to avoid driving around looking for a place so that users can save time and money, while reducing pollution, noise and improving quality of life.

The deployment of areaDUM is part of the Urban Mobility Plan (PMU), one of the objectives of which it to improve the Urban Distribution of Goods through better management of the efficiency and effectiveness of loading and unloading in Barcelona.

Please note that the urban distribution of goods is a logistics challenge both for the managers of mobility in the city and also distribution companies, which encounter complex places of entry and exit of vehicles. At the same time, it is necessary to reconcile this distribution with other uses of the city.

Source and photo: BCL

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