“Barcelona-el Prat” airport is close to the 2010 record for freight

The head of freight at Barcelona Airport, Eduardo Cerezo, believes that the year will close with a figure that will approach the 104,000 tonnes of 4 years ago.

Freight at Barcelona Airport continues to grow and could end the year near its all-time high which was reached in 2010. This is at least the forecast made by the person responsible for freight at Barcelona-El Prat, Eduardo Cerezo, in an interview to “SER” Catalonia radio.

This year 3.8 percent more tons have already been transported than during the same period in 2013. This is a lower figure than at this point in the record year. But the head of freight at Barcelona-El Prat, Eduardo Cerezo, believes it could approach the 104 thousand tonnes of 2010. Cerezo says with caution “because the economy fluctuates a lot, varying greatly from one month to the other, but we could be close to the airport’s all-time high”.

The evolution of tonnes transported had no clear trend during the crisis years. It had its ups and downs. For example, in the year the recession started in 2008, Barcelona-El Prat transported almost 104 thousand tonnes. Yet in 2009 the figure dropped to 90 thousand to achieve the máximum figure the next year.

The main destination countries for Barcelona-El Prat are in Asia and Latin America. The goods exported are mainly clothes, machinery, electronic devices and pharmaceutical products. The same kinds of products are imported along with fish and seafood.

In the case of transport of drugs, Barcelona-El Prat has a working group on which pharmaceutical companies, the people in charge of transport and the airport itself are represented. The transport of drugs has some quality needs in terms of transport, temperature, maintaining the cold chain, etc. which makes it different from other commodities.

According to companies, the ones that transport most cargo volume are UPS and EAT/DHL. Qatar Airways is in third position and Emirates fourth.

It is worth noting that in September the company Singapore Airlines grew 44 percent to rank fifth.

Barcelona-El Prat Airport is the second Spanish airport in termsof cargo volume, with 16 percent of the total, far below Barajas.

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