Amazon to pay 30 million for the site of its logistics centre in El Prat

Amazon has confirmed interest in building a large logistics centre in Catalonia and in October made an offer to Incasòl for a site next to the airport of El Prat de Llobregat. The Internet distribution giant is willing to pay 30 million euros (plus VAT) for a plot of 150,808 square metres, but also set conditions to the final closing of the deal: the relevant licenses are to be approved and the Mas Blau Station on subway line 9 is to be started up, in the same area.

A spokesperson for Amazon yesterday avoided referring to the project stating that the company never makes references to “future plans”. From Incasòl, the land developer of the Generalitat, the answer was that they cannot reveal the bids received. But the 30 million that the company has offered for estate 1 on island 8 of the Mas Blau II Industrial Estate of El Prat de Llobregat would enable them to build a facility with a maximum of 210,000 square metres of roof available and a maximum height of 19 metres. In addition to the warehouse, the facilities could hold other office space, retail and catering, provided it was linked to the main activity.

The US group thinks of its El Prat centre as one of the pillars of its growth in southern Europe. The high price offered – to which should be added the building costs – reflects the opportunity cost of the land: large, near the Catalan capital, right next to the airport – which is within walking distance – and to the port of Barcelona. Its capacity clashes with the distribution centre in San Fernando de Henares (Madrid), where Amazon arrived three years ago and, after successive extensions, has a facility of 60,000 square metres and a workforce of 1,400 people. It started with only forty. The jobs that will be created in Barcelona will depend on the type of logistics centre that Amazon decides to open: it can choose between the warehouses of small or large format. The company has 29 logistics centres in Europe.

The public nature of Incasòl has forced the offer to be made public and to open an exposure period to give the opportunity to other parties interested in the site to submit their bids. That period will close on December 2. Then the sale may be signed, although the distribution group determines the validity of the contract to other ends. One, already agreed, is the modification of the General Metropolitan Plan which will allow the agreed volume. Another would be the building permits, but there is a special mention to the Mas Blau station on line 9. That fact would be assured, as the airport subway is expected to be launched in February next year, taking advantage of the celebration of the Mobile World Congress.

Last August the Incasòl sold another space, this time in Cerdanyola del Valles, so that Stradivarius could build a new design centre where 200 people will work. The plot of 13,000 square metres, was sold for 13 million.

 Source and photo: El Pais


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