Alfil Logistics bases its growth on the development of intermodal services and on internationalisation

Alfil Logistics is a joint venture created in the year 2000 by two benchmark companies: the rail operator Renfe, and the beverage manufacturer Damm. We carry intermodality in our DNA and – since the very beginning – we have based the growth of the company on the development of combined train-road-ship services and on the search for alternatives which, in terms of services and costs, are viable.

The contraction of internal consumption in Spain, and the subsequent decrease in the volume of logistics services, has led Alfil to look for new markets beyond our borders.

For three years, Alfil Logistics has been carrying out intra-European services for Central Europe, without passing through Spain. Besides, for our Spanish customers, the company is expanding services towards several European destinations. At the same time, following our multimodal vocation, we have launched our new rail service between Portugal and Catalonia.

The new way that Alfil Logistics has of understanding the market, which is demanding another type of services, means that we are about to start up a new model of rail logistics service on the Iberian Peninsula, which is based on using the 45 foot container rather than the conventional wagon. We are also working on being able to offer the market services with more rail frequencies, which has led us to move on from the traditional concept of origin-destination services to a new multiservice concept.

As regards new types of features, Alfil Logistics now offers specific services such as the Bonded Warehouse, Temporary Storage Warehouse, Separate Customs Warehouse, Licensed Premises for Export Goods (LAME) and Bonded Hydrocarbon Warehouse. Further, as far as value added services are concerned, we carry out outsourcing operations for industrial companies, product transformation services, kitting & labelling, preparation of advertising campaigns, and re-labelling, amongst others.

It is because of all of this that Alfil Logistics has become a comprehensive logistics operator and – with hundred percent Spanish capital – has redefined itself, becoming an Integrated Multimodal Logistics Operator (OLIM).

At Alfil Logistics we are also committed to the internationalisation of the company, which passes through countries in the Middle East and North Africa, and is based on having a physical presence in countries in these geographical areas. In fact, Alfil Logistics already has a correspondent in the Arab Emirates, specifically in Dubai, to attend the services we are already making from Spain. Likewise, we are promoting sea and air services, entailing Alfil Logistics also having offices to provide a good level of service and to control the logistics chain from its origin to its final destination, thus providing its clients with added value.

The goal we have set in Alfil Logístics is that, by 2016, 25% of our activity will be international and 75% will be operations in the domestic market; as well as surpassing a turnover of 100 million euros.

Finally, it is important to highlight that Alfil Logistics is a company committed to sustainability and society. On the one hand, we have the ISO 14064-1, which certifies the company in environmental terms and enables us to know how we are contributing together with our customers to reducing the carbon footprint and CO2 emissions.

On the other hand, in the daily activity of Alfil, corporate social responsibility actions are also important; therefore, we collaborate actively and proactively with the Cares Foundation, which we sponsor, and with the Codec Foundation, as well as carrying out other activities with the Fair Logistics Foundation and the Food Bank Foundation.

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