Air integrators should incorporate additional limitations for the transport of dangerous goods

On 6th October another session of the Air Cargo Commission of BCL was held with the participation of Mr Eduardo Cerezo (AENA), ​​Mr Aitor Agea (DGM), Ms Diana Sanchez (DGM), Mr Juan José Villaverde (CEFAYR) and Mr Juan Cerdeira (CEFAYR).

In this session, a presentation was made of the novelties that the IATA will launch next year, which are not many, regarding the Transport of Dangerous Goods and which are very important in order to avoid problems when the products affected by these regulations are transported.

Likewise, it was also reported that the list of products allowed to be transported in ULDs (containers or metal pallets to be transported by plane) will be expanded in 2016.

Finally, it was advanced that the changes in the regulations of the IATA from 2017 are already being prepared, where one of the changes will affect lithium batteries as they will have a transport label with a pictogram of the built-in battery.

Source and photo: BCL Secretariat

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