Aena to offer unlimited free WiFi at all airports in the network

Aena will offer unlimited free Internet access via WiFi, with a speed that will be four times faster than in its current network of 46 airports and 2 heliports, with a new call for tender that it will put out for this service and which will have a duration of 2 years, said the airport operator.

The airport operator expects the company that wins this tender to start providing the service 2 months after the concession, expected as of October this year.

The board of directors of Aena, assembled yesterday, approved the start of the call for tender for this service, since expiry of the current tender is near.

Aena had already advanced that it could demand longer free WiFi access for users from the winner of the concession when it put out the call for tender, since the expiry of the current tender is near.

The company had already doubled the length of free WiFi access to 30 minutes at all its airports in December indefinitely, also doubling connection speed and reducing the cost of the ‘Premium’ service to 1.50 euros per hour.

Aena will continue to offer the ‘Premium’ service for a surcharge to customers who request it, with higher speeds of access and additional services.

Digital services

The offer of free Internet access via WiFi is “one more step” in Aena’s commitment to the development of digital services for passengers, such as those provided through its app for smartphones, including information on flights and boarding gates, said the company.

According to a report by Kubi Wireless – a company integrated in the Eurona Telecom Group and the current holder of the concession to operate internet access via WiFi in Aena airports – consumption in the Spanish airport network soared in 2014 reached a peak in the summer months, highlighting especially Madrid (+ 85%) and Barcelona (+ 68%). ‘Premium’ WiFi also grew 21% last year.

The technology firm points out that the cost of this service is the “most competitive” in Europe, as opposed  to other comparable airports such as Heathrow, Charles de Gaulle, Berlin-Tegel, Brussels, Amsterdam and Lisbon.

Temporarily, all Spanish airports lowered their price from 4.5 euros to 1.5 euros, compared to rates of these airports ranging from 3.8 euros per hour at Heathrow or Dusseldorf to 6 euros per half an hour in Brussels or 5.9 euros for all Paris airports.

In this regard, it was reminded that there is the possibility of booking airport parking, hiring access to the VIP lounge, or finding information on any of the airport services.

Photo: David Martín/ flickr

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